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Development kit for applications integration

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Teledyne Controls | Works with GroundLink<sup>®</sup>

SDK. Set. Go!

Teledyne Controls' Works with GroundLink® developer program, provides third‑party software developers with a SDK (Software Development Kit) that allows them to interface their electronic flight bag and/or electronic techlog applications with our GroundLink® Comm+ and GroundLink® AID+ solutions.


Why Participate in the Program?

With a growing base of over 14,000+ GroundLink® units in the field today, available for line and retrofit installations on most commercial airframe types, the GroundLink® Comm+ system has the largest installed AID base in the present market. Having AID enabled applications compatible with the GroundLink® Comm+ software will give your software products a significant market advantage.


Wireless Aircraft Interface Device & Internet Connectivity for Wi‑Fi Tablet EFB's

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GroundLink® Comm+

GroundLink® Comm+ system automates and streamlines data transfer processes, providing new ways to increase productivity, enhance safety and lower operational costs.

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