Teledyne Controls' Sales Team is composed of knowledgeable and experienced people, dedicated to assist you in selecting and implementing the solutions that best meet your needs and requirements. Additional regional points of contact are avaialable to support you locally.

Scott Chambers `
Scott Chambers Regional Director
Sales and Service

North and Latin American Airlines
Denver, CO +1 303 470 1525
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Ken Keating
Ken KeatingSales Manager
Sales and Service

USA and Canada
Phoenix, AZ +1 805 529 1800
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Elizabeth Solis
Elizabeth SolisSales Manager
Sales and Service
Latin America & The Caribbean Los Angeles, CA +1 310 765 9458
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Scott Chambers `
Willie Cecil Director
Sales and Service

North America
Chicago, IL +1 424 321 5700
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Richard Huang
Richard Huang Yi QjangRegional Director
Sales and Service
for China and Taiwan Guangzhou, China +86 10 6526 8679
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Jason Ding
Jason (Xuan) DingSenior Manager
Sales and Service
for China and Taiwan Shanghai, China +86 18 62190 0387
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ZZ Yuan
ZZ YuanManager
Sales and Service
for China Guangzhou, China +86 18 62190 0387
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Albert Yoong
Albert YoongRegional Director
Sales and Service
for Asia Pacific and Australia Singapore, Singapore +65 9622 8764
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Hiroaki Kawakami
Hiroaki KawakamiSenior Manager
Sales and Service
for Japan and Korea Tokyo, Japan +81 80 3363 3157
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Ippei Komori
Ippei KomoriManager
Sales and Service
for Japan and Korea Tokyo, Japan +81 80 1112 3799
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Mark Shoemaker
Mark ShoemakerActing Senior Director
Sales and Service

Europe and CIS
Los Angeles, CA +1 310 466 4174
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Michael Renouf
Michael RenoufSenior Sales Manager
Sales and Service
Europe London, UK +44 7887 611575
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Alex Pomogailo
Alex PomogailoRegional Representative
Sales and Service
Russia, CIS and Turkey Moscow, Russia +7 499 198 6146
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JeanLouis Lugan
Jean-Louis LuganRegional Director
Sales and Service
France, Africa, Middle East and Indian Sub-Continent Dubai, UAE +971 50550 3254
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Sam Mallos
Sam MallosBusiness DevelopmentBoeing Renton, WA +1 425-873-3556
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Dominique Maurille
Dominique MaurilleBusiness DevelopmentAirbus Toulouse, France +33 489-410-083
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Mark Shoemaker
Mark ShoemakerSr. Director of SalesOther OEM's and Leasing Los Angeles, CA +1 310 765 3638
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Tom Innocenti
Thomas InnocentiRegional Director
Sales and Service
Government and Military Programs Los Angeles, CA +1 310 765 3682
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Mark Collishaw
Mark CollishawUK Military Sales
Government and Military Programs London, UK +44 20 8990 5909
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