Teledyne Controls GroundLink<sup>®</sup> Flight Data

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GroundLink® Flight Data

Automated flight data retrieval and analysis


Teledyne Controls GroundLink<sup>®</sup> Flight Data

The industry standard
in aircraft data retrieval & analysis.

All your flight data made available automatically, after every flight, every time.

To activate this solution you'll need:

Data Acquisition Unit

Mandatory Data Acquisition (QAR) and Aircraft Condition Monitoring (ACMS)

GroundLink® System

Automated wireless download of flight data for immediate analysis

Data Distribution SW

Full control of flight data selection and sharing with specific data customers

Data Analytics

Secure and immediate access to custom dashboards and actionable data on any device

Flight Data Analysis within minutes of landing

Monitor the performance of your fleet and enhance your FDM/FOQA program with automated wireless download and post-flight analysis of your aircraft data after every flight.

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100% recovery of all sectors flown made possible

For the airline that diligently achieves a data recovery rate of 90%, how many times does the data required for an incident evaluation happen to fall into the 10% of the flights that were not captured by the system? Use of the GroundLink® Comm+ system resolves this problem since 100% recovery becomes an achievable target.

Unprecedented end-to-end reliability

Teledyne's GroundLink® Flight Data offers unprecedented system reliability for transferring data automatically from the aircraft to the airline's back office. Within minutes after landing, the raw data recorded during flight is compressed, encrypted and then transmitted to the airline's or Teledyne's ground-based data center for processing and analysis.

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Data integrity and security

To ensure your data is never compromised, lost or stolen, it is sent over cellular packet data services and the Internet with multiple proprietary security features including a non-public encryption algorithm.

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Powered by

GroundLink® Comm+

GroundLink® Comm+ system automates and streamlines data transfer processes, providing new ways to increase productivity, enhance safety and lower operational costs.

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