Teledyne Controls GroundLink<sup>®</sup> Dataloading

On-Time Departures

GroundLink® Dataloading

Fleet-wide wireless data distribution

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Teledyne Controls GroundLink<sup>®</sup> Dataloading

Automate your Data Distribution Process
to Improve Efficiency and Facilitate Compliance

All your loadable Software Parts automatically and wirelessly distributed from ground to aircraft.

To activate this solution you'll need:

LoadStar® Server
Enterprise 3
(LSE 3)

Software Parts management, configuration control and load reporting

GroundLink® Comm+
WGCM Base Station

Wireless distribution of Nav Databases and Software Parts across the fleet


Simplify the distribution, onboard storage, and management of software parts, while meeting today's security requirements.

The New Mobile Dataloader


The compact, secure, portable dataloader for on ground dataloading

Electronic Distribution and Wireless Automation

With the press of a button, you can configure and store Software Parts and distribute them seamlessly from desktop to onboard dataloaders across your entire fleet.

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Compliance, Everyday, Every Aircraft

By providing automated load reporting and fleet configuration control, the GroundLink® Dataloading Solution facilitates compliance with your regulator's requirements.

Working together

GroundLink® Dataloading works with other GroundLink® functions enabling transfer of data during all flight phases.

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Powered by

GroundLink® Comm+

GroundLink® Comm+ system automates and streamlines data transfer processes, providing new ways to increase productivity, enhance safety and lower operational costs.

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