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All-in-One Box

GroundLink® Comm+ System

The best way to distribute data on the ground and in the air

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GroundLink® Comm+

All-in-One Box

The keystone of all
your connectivity needs

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GroundLink® Comm+ unlocks a full suite of connectivity solutions that are available today.

aidplus image

GroundLink® AID+

Maximize your crew's intelligence

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GroundLink® Data Link

Substantial reduction in ACARS costs

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GroundLink® Broadband

Real-time data streaming while in the air

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GroundLink® Dataloading

Fleet-wide wireless data distribution

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GroundLink Flight Data

GroundLink® Flight Data

Automated data retrieval and analysis

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Works with GroundLink<sup>®</sup>

Works with GroundLink®

Developer kit for applications integration

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Stay Connected to Your Operations Center at All Times

The GroundLink® system supports multiple applications across your operations, providing real‑time data streaming, cabin/crew connectivity, wireless data distribution and upload, automated FOQA download and more. All this through one single unit.

The Power of Wireless Connectivity

The GroundLink® Comm+ system offers unparalleled capability in automatic data exchange, leveraging 3G/4G/LTE cellular technology and IP Broadband connectivity to facilitate and accelerate data transfers between airborne systems and ground-based equipment, and to transfer critical data while in‑flight.

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Securing Your Data, Our Priority

The GroundLink® Comm+ system is fully ATA 42 compliant and ensures secure data transfers, using proprietary encryption technology.

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Flight Crew, Operations, Maintenance and Safety Teams

All benefit from the bi-directional wireless connectivity of the GroundLink® Comm+ system, provided around the globe, to access, manage and utilize valuable data more rapidly and efficiently.

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The Power of Data Solutions for Data Automation.

GroundLink® Comm+ automates and streamlines data transfer processes, providing new ways to increase productivity, enhance safety and lower operational costs.

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