Teledyne Controls GroundLink<sup>®</sup> AID+

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GroundLink® AID+

Maximize your crew's intelligence

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Get your crew connected

Activate your cockpit connectivity and enhance your flight performance with GroundLink® AID+.

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Make the connection

GroundLink® AID+ enhances EFB systems functionality by connecting innovative apps with onboard data and aircraft parameters.

Better Decisions

Timely access to relevant data facilitates better operational decisions, both on the ground and in the air.

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GroundLink® AID+ provides instant and secure access to a wider range of in-flight information that the flight crew can leverage to improve navigation, plane performance, and fuel consumption.

No Separate AID Unit Required

GroundLink® AID+ is readily available (via software upgrade only) on over 14,000 Airbus and Boeing aircraft already equipped with a Teledyne GroundLink® system.

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GroundLink® Comm+

GroundLink® Comm+ system automates and streamlines data transfer processes, providing new ways to increase productivity, enhance safety and lower operational costs.

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