​Supplier Portal Overview

In today’s market, Teledyne Controls feels that strong relationships between suppliers and manufacturers are the keys to success. Teledyne Controls takes pride in building and maintaining those relationships, which have allowed us to stay competitive and remain a leader in our industry for many years. We hope the information within this portal will provide you with all the tools necessary to begin, build or continue a relationship with Teledyne Controls.


Supplier Policy

Ethics and Values Statement  
Teledyne Controls is committed to uncompromising ethical standards, strict adherence to law, and continuous attention to customer satisfaction. These commitments constitute the foundation upon which Teledyne Controls conducts its business.

Click here to view our Corporate Objectives and Guidelines for Ethical Conduct.

Teledyne Controls encourages employees to communicate concerns before they become problems. Building and maintaining trust, respect and communications between employees and management, and among fellow employees is critical to the overriding goal of efficiently producing high quality products, providing the maximum level of customer satisfaction, and ultimately fueling profitability and growth.

The management and employees of Teledyne Controls are committed to a strong self-governance program. This commitment is aligned with the company's corporate goal to enhance stockholder value. Maintaining the company's reputation for quality, reliability, integrity, and customer responsiveness is critical to achieving this goal.

Teledyne Controls has established a confidential Corporate Ethics/Help Line, with the theme, "Take The Right Action." The Ethics/Help line is available to all Teledyne Controls employees, as well as concerned individuals outside the company. Employees are encouraged to communicate their concerns, as well as ask questions about ethical issues. The toll free help line number is 1-877-666-6968.


Authorization to Commit  
Procurement is solely responsible for selecting sources, obtaining quotations and awarding purchase orders/contracts for material, equipment, software and/or services. Direct discussions between the requesting organization and supplier shall be coordinated by the Procurement Department.

The authority to commit purchase orders/contracts for Teledyne Controls resides within the Procurement Organization only. The supplier shall not accept oral statements or written direction from any person(s) other than the Buyer, which modifies or otherwise affects the terms and conditions of the Purchase Orders / Subcontracts.

Supplier performing a service or supplying material without the proper authorization (a purchase order) do so at his or her own cost and risk.

Price quotations shall be presented to the Procurement Department only.


All employees and suppliers are expected to uphold their agreements with Teledyne Controls to maintain confidentiality pertaining to all proprietary information. Read our Terms of Service

This agreement represents an obligation for the employee or supplier to protect the intellectual property of the company even after employment or contract has ceased.


Proper Relationship with Suppliers  
It is the policy of Teledyne Controls to acquire products and services it requires from sources approved through our Quality Assurance Department and to conduct its operations in a businesslike, impartial manner. To do so, all employees in any organization having contact with suppliers or potential suppliers must maintain the highest standards of ethics and business practices as a representative of the Company. 

It is Company policy that employees must neither seek nor accept anything from a supplier or potential supplier. Too often, activities of such nature would create the appearance of favoritism in the allocation of Company business. This has the potential for adversely affecting the reputation of the Company for impartiality and fair dealing.