Introducing The All-New eADL XS<sup>™</sup>

Introducing the All-New eADL XS®

XS-sively Secure

Dataloading on auto-pilot.

Introducing the All-New eADL XS®

XS-sively Secure

Dataloading on auto-pilot.

Introducing the All-New eADL XS®


Dataloading on auto-pilot.


Teledyne Controls eADL XS<sup>®</sup>

The next-level in fleet wide dataloading automation

Simplify the distribution, onboard storage, and management of software parts, while meeting today's security requirements.


Improved data security features to meet today's stringent dataloading OEM security recommendations


3 wireless options to automatically upload software parts and nav databases to the entire fleet


Fast and easy drop-in replacement for existing ADLs, eADLS and MDDUs by STC amendment

A new era for secure dataloading


Engineered to meet today's OEM and regulatory guidance for secure dataloading

Fully compliant with ARINC 645-1 security standards, the new Teledyne onboard data loader eADL XS facilitates the secure distribution, onboard storage, and management of software parts and databases across an airline’s operation.

Built from the ground up for secure dataloading, the eADL XS ensures the integrity and authenticity of software parts during transfers and protects against unauthorized access at every stage.

As the amount of software parts increases, so does the number of security threats

As aircraft continue to integrate powerful new systems and networks into their design, the software distribution process becomes more complex. With more software parts being loaded, more often, the opportunities for attacks multiply.

Through a combination of technical and operational protections, including digital signatures, encryption, secure boot, secure communication, and secure audit and logging, the eADL XS ensures the integrity and authenticity of airborne software during transfer, both physical and logical, between entities.


Digital signatures at every stage ensure data integrity and authenticity


End-to-end encryption protects against unauthorized access

Fast Data Transfers

Featuring both ARINC 615A over Ethernet and ARINC 615‑4 loading capabilities, the eADL XS can load a wider range of software part formats, more rapidly, securely, and efficiently.

Easier Fleet Management

The eADL XS seamlessly integrates with ground distribution systems, such as Teledyne LSE 3, to provide automatic wireless distribution of software parts, software configuration control, and automated load reporting for the entire fleet. This facilitates compliance, increases efficiency and loading capacity, while reducing Line Maintenance tech labor.

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Eliminate dependance on media and reduce loading time


Minimize tech labor and facilitate compliance

Teledyne’s eADL XS significantly reduces data loading time and effort, by alleviating repetitive manual methods relying on old media, such as floppy disks. Field loadable software parts can be quickly uploaded to the aircraft in a single action, using a single USB memory stick, or uploaded remotely through wireless across the entire fleet.

Fleet-wide wireless distribution from ground to aircraft

With wireless distribution, loadable software and nav databases are wirelessly transferred from the LSE central library managed on the ground, directly to the eADLs installed on-board the aircraft. Load activity reports are then returned to the ground, which facilitates tracking and regulatory compliance for the entire fleet.

Fleet-wide wireless distribution can be achieved with any of these options:


eADL XS Wi-Fi (standard)


eADL XS Cellular Wireless (optional)

Drop-in Replacement

The eADL XS has the same form factor as the legacy eADL, ARINC 615-3 ADL, and MDDU, making it an easy drop-in replacement to existing dataloading hardware.

The approval of the new dataloader is by a FAA STC amendment making the process quick and easy.

On-board Storage

With 240 GB internal mass memory storage, the eADL XS provides ample space for on-board retention of all required aircraft software parts. This facilitates software part reloading at any location and reduces risks of delays and cancellations.

Intuitive User Interface

Selecting desired LSPs, initiating loads, and monitoring the load progress is now easier than ever.

4.3" color LCD Display

4 high-visibility line select keys

Familiar eADL user interface

eADL XS Configurations

Download Specs
Part Number Color Wireless
2235300-101 Boeing Gray WiFi
2235300-105 Airbus Blue/Gray WiFi
2235300-111 Boeing Gray WiFi + Cell Radio
2235300-115 Airbus Blue/Gray WiFi + Cell Radio

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