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  • Teledyne launches new era for dataloading and aircraft software compliance

    ​​Wednesday 11 March 2020 - Teledyne Controls, the flight data management business, has launched the Loadstar® Server Enterprise 3 (LSE 3), a new software configuration management and distribution tool that eliminates the inefficient and costly use of floppy disks and other physical media to load essential software and data to the aircraft – a practice that potentially costs airlines millions of dollars each year in unnecessary labor and can leave aircraft stranded on the ground.​​


    Built on the success of Teledyne's legacy LSE, LSE 3 is a comprehensive and secure ground-based application that allows airlines to efficiently manage the configuration, storage and electronic distribution of field loadable software and data through a single user interface. It enables airlines to manage individual aircraft or entire fleets, dramatically reducing costs while assisting the airline with regulatory compliance.

    New Design, Better Experience

    With its intuitive web interface, LSE 3 easily connects over ethernet, cellular or WiFi, to ARINC 615-3 and ARINC 615A portable data loaders, such as Teledyne Controls' PMAT 2000® and recently launched PMAT XS®. Additionally, LSE 3 can connect seamlessly to any OEM-distributed Maintenance Laptops using the Windows Operating System.


    LSE 3 also supports the wireless transfer of software parts directly to the aircraft, when used with the Teledyne GroundLink® Comm+ and enhanced Airborne Data Loader (eADL) systems, automating the distribution process even further.

    Craig Aitken, Senior Director Dataloading Solutions at Teledyne Controls, says that many airlines today are still using labor intensive manual processes to load data: “Floppies break, or the data becomes corrupted, and the process of distribution is cumbersome and ineffective," he explains. “Airlines will be losing millions in unnecessary labor costs and aircraft stuck on the ground when they should be in the air."

    “LSE 3 not only ensures the efficient, electronic distribution of software parts, but also does so in a way that minimizes maintenance paperwork and maximizes regulatory compliance by providing automated load reporting and software part distribution. The centralized library of parts and databases simplifies configuration management for an entire fleet."

    Quick and simple to integrate within an airline's existing IT infrastructure, LSE 3 provides high data security and integrity and has full backup and redundancy as a service. Full access to the system is entirely under airline control, and only encrypted communications from authenticated clients can gain access to LSE 3. The system also tracks the delivery and provides reports for all software parts loaded on aircraft and helps collect and return aircraft downloads from the field.

    ​LSE 3 supports all current and legacy Airbus and Boeing aircraft including the A320, A330, B737, B747, etc.