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  • Innovative Aircraft Interface Device (AID) from Teledyne Controls now certified for Austrian Airlines’ Fleet

    * Mixed fleet carriers can now use a common AID which offers a single EFB software image for the entire fleet

    El Segundo, CA - August 2017

    An innovative GroundLink® Aircraft Interface Device (AID) from Teledyne Controls has been certified and is fully operational for use across Austrian Airlines' entire fleet of Airbus, Boeing and Embraer aircraft to provide Aircraft connectivity to the Austrian selected Microsoft Surface Pro EFB.

    This new Supplemental Type Certification (STC) is an example of how Austrian Airlines, and other operators of mixed fleets, can use a common AID solution that supports multiple EFBs, running various software applications, on fleets from different airframe manufacturers.

    By delivering all aircraft-supplied data in ready-to-use engineering units, this product enables use of a single EFB software image across the fleet to take full advantage of the latest navigation and positioning applications such as Lufthansa Systems Lido/eRouteManual.

    GroundLink® AID+ is a further development of Teledyne's GroundLink® Comm+ installed on every Airbus, Boeing and Embraer aircraft in the Austrian fleet, and in operation on more than 10,000 airliners worldwide.

    Austrian Airlines is already using GroundLink® AID+, integrated with Lido/eRouteManual, to make ground charts, departure charts, enroute maps, arrival charts and airport facility charts quickly and easily available to pilots on their EFB tablets. This enables their pilots to make better and more informed decisions to improve operational efficiency both on the ground and in the air.

    A particular benefit of the integration is that it supports the Airport Moving Map (AMM) function that significantly enhances safety, especially in situations of marginal visibility. GroundLink® AID+ also enables EFB applications to directly use ACARS services to uplink weather data or exchange important operational information during all flight phases.

    Jens Ritter, Accountable Manager and SVP Operations of Austrian Airlines commented: “Due to the excellent collaboration with Teledyne Controls, Austrian's pilots can now operate our aircraft with a world-leading aircraft data interface for our portable EFB tablets supporting all our current and future needs."

    Dipl.-Ing (FH) Martin Pfannhauser, Senior Project Engineer at Austrian Airlines says that the certification has opened up a new world of possibilities: “Certifying the Teledyne GroundLink® AID+ gives us the ability to solve several needs with a single installation,". “It enables pilots to have identical EFB software on all aircraft types, and for our airline to explore greater flexibility in all future connectivity including ACARS over IP."

    Hans-Juergen Neufert of Teledyne Controls says the installation program has been an enormous success: “We developed a trusting partnership with Austrian Airlines and exceeded their expectations," he said.

    Achieving an STC for four aircraft types was quite a challenge and involved a considerable investment in manpower and time. “It will now allow Austrian and other airlines operating a mixed fleet to achieve even greater connectivity with systems that are already installed."


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