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  • Qantas extends use of Teledyne Controls technology to further improve connectivity
    • Qantas installs Teledyne's 10,000th GroundLink® system
    • Trial completed to facilitate  data loading and wireless distribution of software parts across the fleet
    • New trial under way to enable fleet wide cockpit connectivity including real-time aircraft parameter streaming.


    Masood Hassan (left) President of Teledyne Controls and Peter Alexander (right) Manager of Technical Programs at Qantas Airways.


    International Paris Airshow, Le Bourget, France - June 2017 

    Qantas, Australia's largest domestic and international airline, is further extending the use of the GroundLink® multi-application communication system from Teledyne Controls to include wireless data distribution of software parts. It is also conducting a new trial to deliver enhanced cockpit connectivity using Broadband including real-time aircraft parameter streaming.

    The airline, recognized recently for installing Teledyne's 10,000th GroundLink® system, was the first ever customer to use the GroundLink® WQAR system in 2001 for wirelessly downloading flight data after every flight. An essential part of the Qantas' FOQA* programme for more than 15 years, GroundLink® has been continually upgraded, first to the new GroundLink® Comm+ unit, then with new applications such as GroundLink® Dataloading, and,  most recently, GroundLink® AID+.

    GroundLink® Comm+, now installed on all Qantas aircraft, enhances traditional functionality to provide the airline with a robust and dependable solution to wirelessly connect aircraft equipment with its back-office systems. The technology, featuring multiple channels of cellular high-speed data, requires no infrastructure investment and delivers efficiency improvements for numerous applications that can benefit from aircraft onboard recording systems when the aircraft is on the ground.

    GroundLink® AID+ extends all Aircraft Interface Device (AID) functions to WiFi-enabled EFB systems and other crew devices through a cockpit wireless network available in all flight phases. Qantas is currently undertaking fleetwide trials to use the GroundLink® AID+ integrated with a Qantas in-house developed Electronic Flight Bag application to optimize fuel consumption.

    Peter Alexander, Manager Technical Programs at Qantas, says that “Teledyne Controls continues to play an important role in further enhancing the airline's operational performance by enabling real time cockpit connectivity beyond the traditional means". 

    Masood Hassan, President of Teledyne Controls, says: “Qantas has been a valued customer from the very beginning, and we have worked closely together on developing new ways of tackling old problems that ultimately benefit the wider airline industry and manufacturers."

    * Flight Operational Quality Assurance

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